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I am a wife, mother of two, and personal trainer, with 5 years experience in strength training, powerlifting, and nutrition.


My passion and love for fitness began while playing competitive sports during my childhood and high school years.  I pursued my passion in college, and received my Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education.


Alongside my Physical Education degree, I have since obtained my National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching certifications.  I am also certified as a Youth Sports Specialist.  I currently have the pleasure of coaching a US National Deaf Women’s soccer player. 


From being an athlete coached by many admirable coaches, to now being a coach myself, I enjoy passing on many of the valuable lessons I learned.  


“Behind every fearless athlete, is a fearless coach who refuses to let them be anything but the best they can be.”


I love making exercise fun, motivating and inspiring.  I enjoy guiding people through their fitness journey, no matter the age, helping them use courage to find new levels of strength.


“A great coach not only inspires, but supports and encourages others to get results.”

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Coach Doug has been a trainer for over 35 years. He believes that by focusing on core inspiration; clients will see results from drive, determination and a positive attitude. Coach Doug has helped many in their successful transformations and exceeding their goals. Coach Doug is well-versed in every aspect of fitness, health and wellness. From beginners to elite athletes, Coach Doug has the experience to help anyone see results. Seeing his clients success fuels his motivation!


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My name is Danny Newman. I am a former collegiate athlete. I’ve been training now for seven years. I specialize in weight loss, athletic training, functional training, bodybuilding, and powerlifting. I love what I do. There’s nothing more gratifying than having a positive impact on other peoples lives.


Rhoda Mason, NASM PT, CES and Spartan SGX certified coach. My passion and love for fitness has brought me to where I am today. I truly believe that if you are willing to put in the work you can do anything, no matter your age or fitness level.


My goal is to share my passion and knowledge through coaching in order to help others live their best life.  I am inspired by seeing others work hard and make progress toward living a healthy life so I intentionally make each workout not only intense but enjoyable. Come take a step inside my world and see what the hype is all about! Now let’s get to work!

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I have been training for 3 years. My goal with training is to help people feel comfortable, confident, and best of all strong! I specialize in functional and strength training. I focus on building your foundations in the gym, so we can get you to lifting heavier! 


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When I first began this adventure with fitness I was 48 years old and my kids had just left home to lead their own lives. I felt like I wanted “something” or goals to work toward. I wanted and needed to “keep the old out” of my life to stay sane. I decided to do a 6 week CrossFit class and BOOM! I was hooked on working out!  That was 7 years ago and since then I have become an L1 CrossFit instructor with a passion for lifting weights. I have seen the positive change in my life and my body and this coming from someone who never thought I would or could do it. I don’t see myself stopping…EVER! WE are never too old or to late to sweat and feel amazing!  Come join me!! Let’s be sore together!! 

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