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I wanted to come to a place where I didn't feel judged or out of place. This is it! working with Mandi has been a dream come true. She has supported me both with my physical goals as well as my emotional and life goals. I've gained so much strength and stamina.

The workouts I get are new and creative all the time so I never get bored. But what I love the most is she's real. She's a mom like me and she gets how the world works, life isn't always perfect and she never makes me feel like I have to be either. It's all about progress and living my best healthy life.

          -Christina A. 

            (Client of Coach Mandi Chamberlain)

I have worked with Coach Doug for 8ish years. One one my very favorite things is he helps you get to your goals for yourself not his. Coach is a super positive human who loves his job and is the very best  in the business! Our House is a house for everyone no matter your fitness level. I had never lifted a weight or worked with a he has me for life!

         -Paige C.

           (Client of Coach Doug 


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